Dyslexia Specialist Tutors

Teachers qualified to teach dyslexic pupils under-take further specialist training. Therefore it is important to ensure that tutors you pick are suitably qualified to teach you/your child.

There are many private tutors who work from home in the evening. Lessons usually take place during the school day or after school. If you want to find a dyslexia tutor, word of mouth is the best recommendation.

If you are looking for a specialist tutor, please make sure they:

* Are suitably qualified with a SpLD qualification.
* Regularly update their knowledge with suitable courses.
* Have references available- and do not be embarrassed at asking to see them.
* Have Certificates confirming police checks – and make sure these are up-to-date.

When teaching, does the teacher:

* Use a multi-sensory programme such as Hickey, Alpha to Omega etc?
* Feel qualified to undertake further assessments, as necessary?
* Have computer software to reinforce what the child has learnt and to stop the child from being bored?
* Follow the recommendations from any psychologist’s, school reports etc that are available?
* Liaise with the school as necessary?
* Give homework each week?
* Test at regular intervals to ensure progress is being made?
* Give out regular progress reports and do they charge extra for them?